About Me

eduardo eurnekian

Je m’apelle Paul, ich heisse Paul, My name is Paul, me llamo Paul (for my fellow international web visitors).

So, it may be obvious that I am NOT Eduardo Eurnekian. However, I aspire to be like him to some extent, given what I know about him. He has shown a track record of success and I’d consider myself lucky to have 10% of the success that he has had.

My background is: I have been in the medical industry for 17 years. My most recent position was director of sales and marketing for a pathology company. Recently I left my job of 10 years. My COO told me…just wait Paul, in a few years you will be on the cover of Forbes. I responded…if I only had 50% of the confidence that you have in me, I’d probably do quite well.

The reason I bring that up is because I was pleased to see that Eduardo Eurnekian made it into the Forbes magazine. I think that is pretty cool.

I am a husband and father to 3 kids. I aspire to greatness, but have had enough life trauma to make me realize that we don’t always get things that easy. I am a level-headed person who believes that we can make it in whatever we do as long as we have a few things worked out.

For example, you have to know what your main/chief aim is in life. You have to know what you are passionate about. You have to be educated and skilled at something that many are not.

If you asked all of my friends what my number one skill is, they would probably respond that I have great people skills. If you asked them what my greatest weakness is….well, they would probably say that I am too nice.

There you have it. My best and worst trait all in one. I believe in the good of people, but I have learned that most are interested in self-preservation and this often does not include your best interest. Nevertheless, if you can recognize what drives a man, you can get a good impression of what he/she is most likely to do.

So, I try to evaluate, empathize and understand each person I meet without judgement and criticism. I understand that being someone else is like being me. I don’t set out to hurt anyone. I simply set out to care for myself and my family. If everyone else is doing relatively the same thing then most things aren’t personal. This helps me get out of my own head about what others are doing and helps me focus on how to create win/wins for each person I come in contact with.

Often there is not synergy available, but often, you can create a relationship just by wondering what drives each of us.

Ok, so that was a long explanation of who I am. But if you were to ask me who I am…who is Paul. I would respond. I am present. (or at least try to be).

I realize that in 100 years none of this will matter. What will matter is the legacy, the insight, the genetic progression that I had a part in. That’s it, nothing more. I am but a vapor, here today gone tomorrow. I strive to make every moment count with the ones I come in contact with.

I am thrilled to be alive and able to create things in my life.