Aggressive Negotations in Business

Sometimes in business, negotiations can be tough. I will never forget being in the operating room with a doctor doing surgery. I remember him telling me in these words so don’t take offense (not something I said). “Any monkey could do what I do, but it’s when things go wrong that my training comes into play.”  I think that is appropriate and applies to business as well.

When you see high profile business men and women in action most of what they do looks relatively easy. It really is when things go wrong or things are difficult that the true talent of the individuals come to light.

One such instance that comes to mind was a response that Eduardo Eurnekian had in response to the US. The United States didn’t like some of the actions he had taken with Cablevision (the company he owned.)


You can read the full story, but if I could paraphrase, I’d say he told the U.S. to stop having such a bad mindset. Instead you should have an abundance mentality. There is a way we can work together and this benefits everyone….so chill out! LOL

My former boss and mentor had to posture like this to level the playing field on a negotiation he was about to take part in.

He was the owner of one of the largest insufflation companies in existence. Insufflators are used in minimally invasive surgery which has become the golden standard over the last 20 years for most abdominal surgeries. There was a rival company that wanted to talk to him. Instead of just showing up in a cab, he decided to arrive in style from the NJ airport in a stretch limousine. Like you see there. His idea was that if he came in a simple rental car or cab, it would not alert his potential business partner that he had the means to make an executive decision. Or, it may have indicated some neediness. At least that is what I was led to believe.

I have come to believe that you shouldn’t work with desperate people in business. They often become unpredictable. Besides showing anything other than affluence in your business activities is the kiss of death in many cases. Poverty is perceived in the business world as a disease that is contagious.

Years ago, when I went through hard times in my business and lost my home, you would have thought I had become a social leper. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be who you say you are. I am just saying when it comes to business and negotiations always put your best foot forward. Indicate that you are capable of being a great business partner. You are in it for the long haul, and you are not afraid and will not allow yourself to be intimidated by others.

Some call it posturing, but I believe that it probably comes from the primal side in all of us and is quite necessary for great business.