Eduardo Eurnekian

Jueves, abril 11th, 2013

Eduardo Eurnekian at the opening of Terminal B in Ezeiza

With an investment of AR$ 570 million, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 opened today one of the most important infrastructure works in the region.
The event was attended by the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner; the minister of the interior and transport, Florencio Randazzo; the minister of tourism, Enrique Meyer and Mariano Recalde, head of Aerolíneas Argentinas. Those also present were the mayor of Ezeiza, Alejandro Granados; the presidents of Orsna, Gustavo Lipovich and of ANAC, Alejandro Granados; the head of Corporación América, Eduardo Eurnekian; the president and CEO of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Rafael Bielsa and Fernando Peláez, respectively.
In her speech, the head of the country highlighted the growth in passenger traffic recorded in 2012, which reached 24 million. “The growth of tourism, of the nation, the construction of these modern premises could only be possible in a country which has thrived, as Argentina has, as the region has, because most of the tourists come from Brazil, from Chile and from the rest of America.”
“This is why -she added- we want to thank Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 for its commitment and its investment in these works. This airport is at par with the best airports in the world. New jetways were installed and we still have many important projects to keep on growing”, she stated.
In turn, Eduardo Eurnekian, pointed out that in 2013 the company will turn 15 years and since 1998 “it has invested over AR$ 7300 billion in the 33 airports under its management. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of square meters in passenger terminals”.
“Since the concession started, the company has transferred the National State over AR$ 4200 billion as Specific Allocation of Income, known as tax”, he explained.
The businessman indicated that the company went from hiring 634 employees in 1998, to having a staff of 2108 workers in the end of 2012. “In other words, we are talking about job creation and workers’ rights strengthening.”
The construction of the new Terminal B required the efforts of over 1000 workers during the 17 months of construction. Equipped with cutting edge technology, it doubles the operational capacity of Ezeiza International Airport and brings it up to the most modern in Latin America.
The new Terminal B will now have a platform of 42,300sqm, five boarding bridges, a terminal of 28,795sqm covered area, 720sqm for shops and food services, 20 check-in counters, 34 immigration counters and 376 additional parking spaces. For passenger comfort it has 5,391sqm of international pre-boarding, an arrivals hall of 2,290sqm and 200sqm of VIP lounges.
The building boasts large glazed areas for energy efficiency while offering outstanding panoramic views of the outside. Likewise, the modern and functional design divides the passenger flow into four levels to better organize the arrivals and departures and ensure an improved passenger flow inside the airport.
On the third level, there are six modern VIP lounges and three mechanical runways that offer higher comfort for passenger transfer.
This inauguration represents a step forward in the challenging plan that is being developed at the Argentine airport with the highest number of passengers and operations. This way, Ezeiza has more security, more infrastructure, and more services with state-of-the-art technology.
Once the mega-project is complete, Ezeiza will have a capacity to handle 13 million passengers a year and carry out 90,000 operations over the same period. Besides, it will have a 186,000sqm platform, 21 telescopic runways, 4,800 vehicle parking spaces and 200 check-in counters. It will have a capacity to handle 4,000 passengers at rush hour thus meeting the short and long term demand.
One of the main features of the project is its division into stages. In this sense, the work was organized in steps, so that the airport can keep on working without compromising the service quality. The work at Terminal B started on 10 July 2011, one day after the opening of Terminal C, which was named Mercedes Sosa.

New Terminal B
Investment: AR$ 570 million
17 months
1,000 workers
42,300sqm platform,
5 new boarding bridges,
28,795sqm covered terminal,
5,391sqm international pre-boarding,
2,290sqm arrivals hall,
720sqm for shops and food services,
34 immigration counters,
20 check-in counters,
376 new parking spaces,
200sqm of VIP lounges.

Conference Room Malvinas Argentinas
Investment: AR$ 10 million,
700sqm covered area,
Cutting edge technical equipment,
Adjoining VIP lounges for lecturers,
Simultaneous interpreting booths.

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