Eduardo Eurnekian is an inspiring individual who has demonstrated an amazing amount of success through his lifetime. He has been involved in many different industries and business models, but exerts a super human instinct when it comes to success and business.

Without knowing he has inspired me to create this site. I am in awe of a person who has been successful across so many diverse industries and industry segments.

Here are some interviews that I have been able to find on you tube.

Eduardo Eurnekian was born in the same year as my father. He has a unique talent that I can feel by watching his interviews. He reminds me of one of my personal mentors Peter Wiest who was the founder of W.O.M. a German medical company born out of designing insuflators for minimally invasive surgery.

To be in the presence of a man like Peter is to suddenly feel that nothing can go wrong in your life. I asked Peter what that feeling is. He explained it to me in his German accent. He said it is basically “sovereignity.” You must be sovereign, he said. You must be unshakeable. I looked up the synonyms in German.


These were some of them: autonom, eigenständig, eigenverantwortlich, emanzipiert, frei, selbstbestimmt, selbstständig, selbstverantwortlich, unabhängig, (bildungssprachlich veraltet) independent
abgeklärt, ausgeglichen, bedächtig, beherrscht, die Ruhe selbst, gelassen, gemessen, gereift, gesetzt, gewandt, nicht aus der Ruhe zu bringen, ruhig, seelenruhig, selbstbewusst, über den Dingen stehend, überlegen, überlegt, umsichtig, würdevoll; (gehoben) bedachtsam,

If you don’t speak German you can use google, but the gist of these words is that you have to be settled, comfortable in your own skin, unmovable, mature, self-controlled and self-aware.

You must be calculated, consistent and peaceful. I think these are the same qualities I see in the interviews with Eduardo Eurnekian.

Being consistent, reliable and at peace with yourself and the world is serious business. I believe that people are able to spot when we are not so sure about ourselves. They can see when we lack confidence.


VAKC Principle:

I heard Tony Robbins talk about the VAKC principle. I am sure that he didn’t come up with this all on his own, but maybe he did. Who knows….

For the purposes here though, you will get a great picture of what my mentor possesses and what I believe Mr. Eurnekian offers as well.

VAKC stands for:

V= Visual

A= Auditory

K= Kinesthetic

C= Congruence

Let’s go over what this actually means. You see, most people judge everyone they encounter according to these 4 things. We secretly ask ourselves…do they look good visually, sound good auditory-wise, do they carry themselves or move well, and do we believe that what they say is what they will do.

Mr. Robbins says that we weigh the last thing the most. Congruence has the most importance. If we don’t trust someone then it really doesn’t matter how good they look, great they sound, or how posed they are.

We want to find people we can trust.

So, when I think of Peter, there is great similarities that I observe between Eduardo Eurnekian and him. Just take a look at the interview with Peter below.  He is wearing the gray suit. I think you will be able to tell who is being interviewed even if you don’t speak German.


Do you notice any similarities between these two amazing individuals?


Standort Berlin mit Peter Wiest Teil 1 – wideo
Peter Brinkmann im Gespräch mit Peter Wiest, Grüner von Wiest W.O.M. (World of Medicine).